Board of Directors – 2004/2005

The following individuals serve on the Board of Directors of Windermere Little League:

Dave Chabot : Player Agent, Minors
Duane Clarkson
 : Player Agent, Majors Softball
Anthony Connelly
 : Safety Officer
Matt Conover 
: Equipment
Rick DiBiasio
 : Player Agent, Coach Pitch
Scott Dillon
 : President
Scott Holmgren
 : Website, Communications
Daryl Jones
 : Sponsorship, Scheduling
Todd LaNeave : Vice President-Softball, Player Agent, Minors Softball
Sixta Lawrence : Registrar, Pictures
Mike Leary
 : Concession Stand, Tournament Director
Eddie Maddox : Vice President-Baseball, Player Agent Liason
Tim Melnick : Uniforms, Trophies
Dean Miller : Player Agent, Tee Ball
Paul Montgomery
 : Treasurer
Terry Reese : Field Maintenance
Doug Swatkowski : Field Maintenance
Brian Tomooka : Local Rules
Wendy Wytiaz : Secretary, Fundraiser

The following individuals serve as Associates to the Board:

Bob Bessette : Chief Umpire
Mary Click
 : Assistant Treasurer
Greg Kaszuba
 : Player Agent, Majors
Jeff Koch
 : Project Development
Sally McMahan : Assistant Registrar